ZeoPad – Universal Water Sorbent Purifier

The application of ZeoPad in the water treatment process helps supply your body with chemically and biologically pure water.

ZeoPad is made of natural zeolite with clinoptilolite as its active component.

Application of ZeoPad in water treatment results in:

  • Reduced water hardness;
  • Enrichment of water by silicon and sodium;
  • Decrease of residual aluminum content;
  • Decrease of nitrate content in water;
  • Decrease of calcium and magnesium levels;
  • Improvement of acid-base balance;
  • Decrease of heavy metal content in water;
  • Decrease of scale on tank walls.

A timely and sufficient intake of biologically pure water—enriched with much needed micro and macro elements—is one of the key conditions of a healthy lifestyle.

pН medium stabilization is one of the key features of ZeoPad.

Please see the results of an independent study.

ZeoPad BoxOne of the numerous features of zeolite is the ability to stabilize the acid-base (рН) medium in which it is found. Many protective structures of the body (especially the buffer structures) are directly dependent on their рН levels. Biological fluids of our body (blood, lymph, intercellular and spinal-cerebral substances, etc.) have low alkaline media (blood рН is just 7.35 – 7.45).

рН level is an important factor of the vital value of water.

The use of potable water with a zeolite-based sorbent-purifier brings quality to your water and reduces the risk of getting sick!

Method of application:

  • Place the unpacked product on the bottom of a water-boiling appliance;
  • Fill with water and boil;
  • Use water for your intended purpose.

100% money-back guaranteed!

Mineral Medix offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all ZeoPad water purification systems. Please call 1-888-777-7899.

MineralMedix warrants to buyers that for the period of 1 (one) year from the date of purchase, ZeoPad will have an impact on the municipal water as set out in the attached description provided it is used in compliance with operating instructions.

Over the course of said year, if you find that some product components are damaged or defective either due to workmanship, transportation or application accidents, we will replace the product free of charge by calling us 1-888-777-7899 (USA/Canada).

Within the limits permitted by local laws, this warranty shall replace any other explicit or implied warranty including any implied warranties of product suitability and exclude any other liabilities on part of the manufacturer, distributer or dealer including any liability arising out of special, accidental or indirect damage.

Kettle with ZeoPadService must be done when deposits are building up on the device surface.

The device should be taken out of the water-boiling appliance and dried out when it is not used for an extended period of time.

Product lifetime: 1 year1

1 – Service frequency and product lifetime depend on the quality of municipal/drinking water. Mineral Medix recommends frequently checking the condition of ZeoPad and, in the event of deposits build-ups, to service the product in accordance with the above procedure.

The product is designed for applications in the household environment to improve the quality of municipal/drinking water.