ZeoPad – Unique Water Sorbent Purifier

  • Stabilizes pH balance 
  • Reduces water hardness 
  • Decreases scale on tank walls 
  •   Enriches water with silicon and sodium
  • Decreases heavy metal content in water 

We are what we drink

Water is the primary and the most important substance that preserves life. Moreover, water is a matrix for life and a base for metabolic processes. The application of ZeoPad in the water treatment process helps supply your body with chemically and biologically pure water.


Houses with non-municipal water

Aid to fight heavy metals from well water

Houses with low quality municipal water

Help to remove impurities from old pipes

Tea lovers

It makes the taste of your tea better

Everyone who cares about health

Removes most dangerous substances before it enters your body



ZeoPad is built on the properties of Zeolite and its molecular sieve form of Clinoptilolite, and the only natural occurred mineral that capable of simultaneously purifying the water by adsorbing most dangerous substances, and preserve natural minerals in its natural electrolytic-saline state.

ZeoPad like a magnet attracts all positively charged heavy metals, toxins, and harmful chemicals, binds them with Zeolite, and removes them from the water you'll drink.

During boiling all chemical and physical ion-exchange properties occurs much faster. Most water filtration systems are unable to remove such harmful substances from the water. And that is why ZeoPad makes drinking water far safer for drinking than other conventional filtration methods.

Drink cleaner water and stay healthy!

See the results of an independent study
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ZeoPad is made of natural zeolite with clinoptilolite as its active component.


    METHOD of Application:

    • Place the unpacked product on the bottom of a water-boiling appliance
    • Fill with water and boil
    • Use water for your intended purpose
    • Leave the product in water appliance for future use

    Product lifetime: 1 year

    We are genuinely confident in our product's quality and we do our best to earn your trust

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    30-day money-back guarantee on all ZeoPad water purification systems. Please call 1-888-777-7899.

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